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About Us

We are a fully insured, family-run business with over 25 years experience in the bath business. Over this time we saw an opportunity and invested, researched and produced a unique product specifically for making baths, shower trays and wet rooms completely slip and fall proof for residential and commercial purposes.

We had our unique product independently pendulum tested. Pendulum slip tests were undertaken using standard HSE techniques in accordance with BS 7976-2:2002 + A1:2013, and the UK Slip Resistance Guidelines (UKSRG) – Issue 5:2016.

ukas testing

ukas accredited

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Anti-slip surfaces. The safer way to bathe.

If someone slips in the bath, it can hurt! Yet even today, many baths don’t have a non-slip application. Rubber mats can look unsightly, moulds can build up on the underneath of them and limescale can form. Matts can also harbour all sorts of germs that we would rather not think about and rubber matts also tend to damage the surface of the bath.

It’s extremely important to ensure an anti-slip surface is applied to a bath for little children or the elderly. If you run a hotel or a guest house it is even more vital that you take steps to ensure the bath is safe to avoid costly court fees.

It’s your responsibility to consider your guests health and safety. If a customer slips in one of your baths, it costs more in compensation than it would to fit all baths with our professional anti-slip technology.

The Bath Grip team have invested, researched and produced a unique product specifically for making baths, shower trays and wet rooms completely slip and fall proof.

How it works?

Simply phone or email us your anti-slip enquiry and we will return a quotation within 24 hours. Once you confirm you want to go ahead, we will arrange a mutually agreeable time for a technician to attend your property/premises and carry out the work.

For single items or areas requiring anti-slip work it should be completed the same day and ready for use after 24 hours of installation.

Following the application of Bathgrip’s unique anti slip surface the area treated will be HSE compliant and fall with the “low risk” bracket achieving grip with the minimum impact to the aesthetics of the floor.

Bathgrip recommend re-application periodically, particularly in areas of high footfall traffic. To give you an example, in a very busy area with high footfall an annual re-application would be prudent for example in hotels and care homes, however a private residence may not be required for many years.

anti slip bath coating

anti slip shower coating

True fact: £9,500 was awarded last month to a customer that accidentally slipped in a hotel bath. These types of accidents and subsequent claims happen on a daily basis in the UK.

Why invest in this service?

• The surface provides a safer environment
• You can relax and enjoy a shower or bath without the risk of a slip and injury
• To create a safer environment for your family, staff or your customers
• You are responsible for health and safety and this service will ensure that you fully comply with Government HSE guidelines
• This product has a UKAS Certificate and this proves that it works
• You will eliminate the risk or slips and falls and potential costly claims that arise from such accidents
• The Law: the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 requires that floors are suitable, in good condition and free from obstructions allowing people to move around safely

This product has been independently pendulum tested and holds a UKAS Certificate stating that when applied to a surface of this nature it will meet the “low risk” category for slips and falls, inline with HSE guidelines.

Contact us for a free quotation today on 0800 035 3253

Alternatively, you can send us a message below and we will respond within 24 hours. Thank you.

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